ABCs of Me

17 Jan

I new challenge popped up on the Scrapbook Challenges website, that really got me thinking. It’s going to be a 26 week challenge of scrapping the ABCs of me. I don’t scrap about myself very much, so it’s probably a good exercise. This way, when my kids are older, they’ll be able to know a little bit about what I was like as a person, instead of just their view of me as their Mommy.

This week’s word prompt was attitude. I certainly have some of that sometime, and poor Jason probably sees the worst of it. I feel bad about that, but I can’t seem to hold it in around him. He lets me be myself and I know don’t have to play “nice and friendly” for him to like me. So maybe it’s a compliment, that he’s really the only person I’m 100% open with.

This is my page for the letter B. I was going to go with “Busy”, because I am that… but with so many letters left in the alphabet, I thought I’d go with something a little more specific about myself. I can talk about hobbies, errands, playgroups, and projects some other time on some other letter.

For the letter C I decided to make a page of confessions to my kids. I started off with some silly ones that I don’t mind sharing with everyone, but the really juicy ones in the middle are for their eyes only… so that they will one day know that I’m not just being mean and that I don’t understand because I have been there done that, and I already know how it turns out! I know they still have to make their own mistakes, but I will still be there to help them through it because I love them!

When they gave us the challenge word “Diet” for the letter D, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to document that, but the next week they didn’t give us a word to do, it was just whatever E word we wanted to do, so I put them together since they will face each other in the book anyway and came up with Diet & Exercise!

For Diet, they required 3 pictures for the challenge, so I used a shot of my teeny tiny cereal bowl, my stash of 100 calorie packs, and a screen shot from the iphone of my ap that I use to journal food and exercise, called MyFitnessPal.

For Exercise there weren’t any challenge requirements, so I just kinda went with the same idea and did 3 photos… My belly dance hip scarf (because I don’t have a decent picture of me in it), our new Wii Fit, and the screen shot of the C25K (Couch to 5k) ap that I use to train for running the Warrior Dash. The tape measure butterfly is from a kit called A New Me… thought it worked well with the colors on this page.

For the letter F this week, they gave us the word Faith. That’s an easy one to do because it’s what we’ve been talking about in our ladies Bible study the last week or so. The chair is from another kit I have, called Waiting for New Moon.

I’m not much of what you’d call a girly girl, but I do occasionally get the itch to be a pretty pretty princess.

The prompt for the letter H was to use a picture of yourself doing something that makes you happy… I had already been thinking about doing a Hosting page with my letter H, so I found a picture of me being a happy hostess. 🙂

I still need to get Jason to take the pics of my kick for this one.

For this whole project, I’m mostly using the Feels Like Home Kit by Sarah Bennett, the Tag Sale, Feathered Nest, and The Y Chromosome kits by Raspberry Road Designs, and Splendid by Shabby Princess. The titles are made with Stop, Drop & Roll (wireframe) Alpha by Ziggle Designs.


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