“Eventually” has come

21 Feb

I keep thinking I’ll sit down and make a nice pretty post with all the pictures and stories from our lives since 2011 rolled around, but here we are quickly approaching the end of the 2nd month and that still hasn’t happened yet! So for the shorter, not so pretty or detailed version, here’s what’s been going on.


1st – our annual christmas after-party with the college friends:

 9th – our first snow of the year. Carly liked looking at it but didn’t want to touch it. Jonah was having a blast with it though.

11th – my friend sarahjenne and I are partners in a Biggest Loser: Couples contest with some friends on facebook for the duration of the tv series. I started my weight loss ticker (in the sidebar) over again to calculate how much I’ve lost since then. as of February 15th though, a year from when Jason and I started on this weight loss together, I had lost 30lbs overall. Sarahjenne and I are currently in the lead to win our contest though. That’d be a nice $100 to win! 🙂

15th – we got back from Tyler (the last time we’ve been! over a month?!) and set up the new hall cabinet I got from my mom. fits like a glove! we got a couple of baskets to keep shoes in for the bottom part.

16th – 20th – we had a whirlwind of a week when we noticed Jonah’s groin was looking very swollen after his bath on Sunday night. went to the pediatrician on Tuesday (he was out of the office on Monday) and confirmed he had an inguinal hernia. Went to do a pre-op consult with the pediatric surgeon Wednesday afternoon, and he was in for surgery early Thursday morning. By Friday he was running around like nothing had happened. Him waking up thrashing and combative from anestesia was the worst part of the whole thing.


21st – With the sudden news of Jonah needing surgery, I tried to distract myself from worry by doing some planning for their upcoming birthdays. I did some online shopping and found some Bolt (a movie we’ve never even seen) party supplies that were on clearance that had a dog, a cat, and a hampster (Carly loves animals and babies) and I found some Hot Wheels supplies that were being discontinued. Ironically, they were both in the same color scheme, so I decided we’d have a joint friend party this year and maybe celebrate with family some weekend when we’re in Tyler around their birthdays.

the hot wheels tracks we have fit perfectly in the Bolt centerpiece so we can have table races!

27th – When I tweaked my neck at Christmas, I decided I’d go ahead and use my groupon for 2 visits to the chiropractor here. Sarahjenne and I both got that groupon, so we were trading baby sitting while the other would go and get their adjusment and massage. With the headaches I’ve had my whole life, I’ve got some other issues to have worked out, so I am going every thursday until june (when I hit my 20 visits/year limit the insurance gives me). So far it’s helped a LOT with the migraines!

Babysitting their “cousin”, Samantha, while her mommy was at the chiro

29th – We’ve recently started going to a new church, just down the street from us. It’s much smaller and one of the new things we love about it is the 2page activity sheet they send home with the kids that has the lesson they learned, a song, a prayer, and a family activity sugggestion on the back. This week’s lesson was about good deeds and it suggested you do a deed for someone in your neighborhood. Following the lead of the kids’ favorite book, we made cookies for everyone on our street. I made the whole thing into a little book to imitate their book. It should be arriving in the mail this week, along with my completed 2010 scrapbook! yay!


3rd – with a short break in the insanity of the worst ice storm i’ve ever seen, I braved the roads to go to “Painting with a Twist” to meet some other small business owner ladies and network with them. We got to paint this funky chandelier, and mine is going in Carly’s room!


4th – large amounts of snow on top of what remained of the ice meant more days stuck at home… at least there was snow to sled in and I remembered to bring the flying disc home from Tyler last time! They loved it!

9th – Carly has decided on her own that she wants to potty train, and before we were even ready for it she had already had her first three #1 sucesses and her first #2 success today, earning her a potty prize before we even really got started go carly!

10th – I was supposed to have a belly dance performance on this day, to show off the routine I learned in the 4 weeks of classes I took (got a groupon for the class and I’ve always wanted to try it out) unfortunately the weather caused the thing to get cancled and they aren’t re-scheduling it. 😦  I was getting really good at it too!

11th – the kids had their valentine’s day party with the playgroup and later that night they went to the church for Parent’s Night Out so we could go on a date! They enjoyed it, but unfortunately, the rest of the weekend went down hill with Jason and Jonah getting fevers on Saturday. Jonah’s was the flu and he’s now passed it on to Carly. Crossing my fingers I don’t get it next! It’s killing me though, that we had 2 weeks of ice and now 2 weeks of flu while the weather was in the 70’s and even 80’s and we can’t get out and enjoy it much!

12th – we decided since she really wanted to potty train, we’d go ahead and start it officially with her potty party. She did pretty well and had the hang of it in just a couple of days in big girl undies. I can’t believe we’re basically out of diapers in our house now!

15th – With the sorry amount of insulation in our attic, the heckova ice storm we had, and a sizeable tax return this year, we decided to get some radiant barrier and insulation installed in the attic. They kinda pissed me off at first cause the subcontractor that did it only half-assed it, but when I showed his boss the pictures of what his guy had done, he came out and did it himself, getting it done right. I appreciated that at least.


20th – with all the junk out of the attic, we decided now would be a good time to get some decking in over the garage and organize up there a little better. with both kids back to taking naps at the same time again, we were able to get a lot done. there’s lots of storage space up here now! yay!

even got jason to put in a new outlet so we can keep a light up here!

So there you have it, my giant post from the last 2 month’s goings on. Consider yourself in the know now. Goodnight!


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