5 May

How it is already a few weeks away from the year being half over?! Crazy. I’m sorry I’m not the best about keeping the blog up to date. Facebook just makes it too easy to post pictures and quick status updates, to the point that I just don’t bother to sit and write blog posts much anymore. For those of you not on facebook though, I apologize! Here’s a quick run through the past month or two!

Our virtual garage sale (posted on craigslist and facebook) went pretty well and I sold over $250 worth of stuff. I even made a profit on a few items that I had bought used in the first place! The money went to fund the kids’ swim class and the soccer class that Jonah starts this month.


The kids had a great time at our playgroup’s St. Patrick’s Day party. The bounce house, tricycle and mini golf were all a big hit! I think Carly was chanelling her great-grandpa’s pro-golfer spirit!

The kids and I drove up to Oklahoma City for a weekend with 3 of my Pea friends. There was a house full of kids, but we had a great time and the kids had a blast playing with their new friends. I think we may be going back to visit again in June.


While we were there, Bethany offered us all haircuts if we wanted one. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with mine, but I did decide it was time for my baby to have her first haircut! Her bangs were always hanging in her eyes! So she got a little trim all over and now it seems like the curls are even curlier! She really didn’t mind the haircut either. She likes getting her hair brushed, loves her bows and even asks me to put it in pig tails sometimes. I have no clue where this girly girl came from, but it’s cute! 🙂

That darn momma bunny keeps making her nests in the big part of our yard, and then I feel like I can’t let Penny out of her side of the yard cause I don’t want a baby bunny massacre on my hands. Once they got big enough that we’d seen them leaving the nest every once in a while, we thought we’d put them in a box so the dog could run around and stretch her legs. Unfortunately, there were actually 3 bunnies. Yeah…. Penny found the 3rd one for us. So sad. 😦 Darn bunnies. We really need a new fence so they can’t come in here and make babies in our yard. They are so gosh darn cute though. We returned them back to their nest, but they didn’t stay. Guess they were ready to move on finally.

We celebrated Samantha’s 2nd birthday with her at the coolest city park I’ve ever been to. The kid’s had a blast and I can hardly believe that Samantha and Carly are turning 2 already! 

Warrior Dash!!!

A 5k muddy obstacle course adventure that we’ve done with our friends 3 times now (technically one of those was the Jail Break race, but they’re the same thing) This was our first year to finish with a halfway decent time. We were done in 48 minutes. Oscar was the fastest of our group, finishing at 32 minutes. Given all the obstacles and having to wait in line for some of them, I think we did pretty good. We actually ran everything in between, unlike last time when there was a lot of walking going on and we finished in an hour and a half or more.


(I ordered a copy of our after shot of the group from the professional photographers there cause I ran out of film on my waterproof camera… it’s just not here yet)

 One of our favorite obstacles: Road Rage… the picture doesn’t do it justice though. There were about 3 rows of cars to climb over with about a 30′ l x 20′ w field of tires on either side of the cars to navigate yourself through, football drill style!

This obstacle was the one that gave me, and Sarah Jenne both, a big dessert plate sized bruise on the inside of our thighs! You had to climb over a 4′ wall, then under a 4′ board with barbed wire over the top of it. Wash. Rinse. Repeat 4 times. The under part was easy, but since there were so many people crowded together, it was hard to find space jump the wall properly and it resulted in poor form and the war wounds we came home with. Didn’t really hurt at the time though!

The 12′ wall was a lot easier to climb than I thought. This is the back side of the wall, but going up you had a rope and rail on the wall about every 2′ for footholds. Unfortunately we had to wait in line a long time for this one cause people were scared of the height and going slow.

Jason said this one was the most challenging for him, but only because the lady in front of him was slow, keeping him up there longer than he wanted to be. He did a lot better than he expected though.

The Spider’s Web (made out of bungee cords) was a pretty fun new obstacle too, just gotta watch out for other people letting go of their bungee carelessly and popping you with it.

I thought the log roll this year was a little too easy. Last year the water was deeper and the logs were bigger so it was actually a challenge to get over them. I love the water obstacles though. Gives you a chance to swim if you want, cool off and give those legs a bit of a break. 🙂

This is just one of the two cargo net obstacles on the course. There was another one that was super tricky. The cargo net was horizontal and you had to scoot across it or roll. Ouch!

There were a few other obstacles that I didn’t get pictures of  but jumping over the fire was the next to last one. With the wind whipping around at 20+ mph, they had to keep the fire pretty small this year. Some of the other obstacles: the haybale mountain, the “tent” which was a little structure built out of 2×4’s about 2.5′ off the ground covered in black tarps that you had to crawl through (very hot and very dark), the “village” where you were running through delapedated looking buildings and such, and the giant mud pool at the end that you had to crawl or swim through to stay under the barbed wire canopy. I think they did a much better job with their obstacles than they did last year, and definitely better than last fall’s Jail Break. I don’t know why we do it… it’s just fun playing in the dirt! we’re already registered for this year’s Jail Break in Spetember!


The kiddos in their Easter outfits for the Texan’s obligatory kid-in-the-blue-bonnets shot. 🙂

Jonah and Carly both really seemed to “get” the idea of an egg hunt this year, so that was fun watching all the kids scramble at our playgroup party. It was also the first year I attempted to explain the meaning of Easter to Jonah.


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