End of Summer Review

18 Aug

I’ve obviously been pretty busy this summer since I’ve hardly blogged at all. Here goes another massive update post though. It would appear that I haven’t done any real posts since May!


Jonah’s first soccer class. We accidentally went to the wrong class the first day, because he was apparently supposed to be in an indoor class, but he did great in both. I got my first taste of being a soccer mom I guess. 😉

Birthday party for both/Mother’s day at Mamaw and G-Pa’s house with the Marshes.

Birthday for him at Nonna’s.

Their birthday hauls. It’s about time for a playroom clean-out before Christmas I think

Jonah and Carly’s Joint birthday party with our playgroup friends was a big hit. We managed to pull off a dual theme with Hot Wheels and the animals from the movie Bolt (Which we still haven’t seen yet!)

She threw a fit in a store and tried to pull away from me which popped her elbow out of place, known as Nursemaid’s Elbow. They thought it might also have a fracture since it still hurt when they put it back, so they put her in a cast for a week. No break though. She did ok in the cast, all things considered.

On the day Carly turned two, we moved her out of the crib and turned it into her big girl bed. A few weeks later, I finally got most of the finishing touches done in her big girl room.

Sarah Jenne had her 30th birthday party at a skating rink, so Jonah got to try out skating for the first time. He was a little shaky. I won’t say he loved it, but he tolerated it for the most part. 😉 That was the longest day ever it seemed. Jonah had his last soccer class that morning, then we went to Irving for her birthday, then we went to Aimee’s grad school graduation party at a park in Fort Worth, then dinner with the group. We were all pretty hot and miserable by the end of it, and extremely tired by the time we drove to Tyler that night!

All during the month of May, I’d taken my 2nd round of belly dance classes and I actually got to perform with my class that time. With all of the running and such, I was amazed to be able to fit into my friend’s mom’s size 6 outfit! I’m not that small currently, because… well… summer happened. Lots of travel, lots of parties, and it’s too darn hot to run outside! Maybe I’ll fit in it again soon though.


We had our McCarty Reunion and got to go hang out with some of our cousins at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. We even managed to drag my mom to the zoo for the first time since they started charging admission! She used to work there when I was a kid, as the veterinary technician. I always thought it was cool when she’d meet up with our class on field trips and show us around. 🙂

We went to a playgroup at our friend’s house and it became apparent that Jonah was way outnumbered with the big kid girls. There were two other baby boys, but Jonah was all on his own with the bathing beauties for the most part. I was just tickled that Carly was able to wear the little swim suit I had worn as a kid. She got lots of compliments on it!

We got memberships to the Heard Museum and Nature Preserve, which was a neat place to go, but we’ve only gone once since the heat has been relentless this summer. I’m looking forward to going again in the fall. Same goes for our Dallas Zoo memberships, bought them a couple of months ago and haven’t even had the chance to go once!

Random side note that I got new curtains for our bedroom. I really want to paint the walls in there, but I’m NOT looking forward to moving our massive furniture around to do so.


We let Jonah go on a bike ride while we were in Tyler. He’s doing pretty good on the big kid bike, so maybe that’s in his near future… to have one at home.

We took the kids to see the 4th of July parade, and I think they both enjoyed their first parade experience… especially the new flags they got.

After the parade we went to help out at our church’s block party. Jason helped with the grilling, and I helped on the water slide. I hadn’t come prepared to get wet, and that’s how my iphone 3 ended up dying. I feel bad that I messed up but then got rewarded by getting a new iphone4. Jason will probably want to upgrade pretty soon too. 😉

Jonah and Carly got invited to their friend, Logan’s, birthday party at Little Gym and had a blast running, jumping, climbing, and rolling all over the place.

Nonna came over to our house for a little birthday party for Jason too. We managed to keep her from bringing cake, but ended up eating too much at Red Hot and Blue instead. 😉

I helped out in the arts and crafts room at the Pandamania VBS at our church. Jonah and Carly both loved getting to play at church all week and stay up past their bed time a little.

I created a chore card and allowance system for the kiddos with give, save, and spend jars. We’ve been doing it for 3 weeks now and it seems to be going pretty well.

After having spent some time at my scrapbooking retreat last weekend, I came home and got all crafty on the Back-to-School playgroup party I was hosting. I had fun making little buffet cards, and ice cream cone wrappers and just making the table look pretty with all of my pretty toys, I mean serving ware. 😀 I got a lot of cute ideas from Pinterest… it’s been a summer-long obsession of mine, but it’s led me to lots of great ideas of things to do with the kids too.

So aside from the Michigan trip in June (which is a whole shutterfly book unto itself at this point) that pretty much wraps up our summer.

Coming This Fall

Jonah gets to meet his pre-k teacher next week, then he starts school on the 29th. He’ll be going 3 days a week, MWF 9-2, at the preschool at our church. While he’s at school, Carly and I will have some much needed one on one time that I’m looking forward to. She’s also going to have a chance to take a dance class with one of her little playgroup friends and a small studio in this lady’s house. She is super excited about it! We’ve got her tap shoes and her ballet outfit. She couldn’t be more tickled! Jason’s going on his Dude Fest next week, where the guys from here meet up in the middle with the ones who moved out east for a weekend of “dude” activities. They’ve got a cabin in Pigeon Forge this year, which is the area we went to as a family 2 years ago. I’m sure he’ll have a good time. Then after that, he will start making regular trips to NM for work. That’s not going to be a lot of fun, but they did approve overtime at least. While he’s going to be gone, I’ll be spending a lot of time getting baby clothes and toys ready for the big consignment sale at the end of next month. I hope to make enough money to buy some sort of hutch/china cabinet for storing my serving pieces and china. Into October we’re flying out to CA for Brent’s wedding, and then we’ll also go to Austin for Murat’s wedding a week later. I’m hoping all of these trips to NM for Jason can get us some more free hotel stays. 😉 Believe it or not, I’ve already started planning for Halloween too. We’re hosting a star wars themed halloween party, so I’ve got to figure out costumes so I can start making them soon. thankfully, Halloween is about as far out as I’m booked at this point!


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  1. Nicolle Kramer August 23, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    Loved looking at all your photos! You have a beautiful family..:)

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