Santa Beard Advent Calendar

27 Nov

A paper mache tree decorated with box ornaments!

When I was growing up, we never really did any kind of Advent calendar, except for maybe a paper chain or the cotton ball Santa beard that we brought home from school. Maybe that’s why I have had a recent interest in Advent calendars. In fact, I have a whole pin board full of fun ideas for them on Pinterest. A couple of years ago I even designed and made my own. I didn’t use it last year because I did the Christmas Adventure Box thing with the kids last year. I liked how each day had a special activity that helped tell the Biblical Christmas story, but I’ve already let the kids put out their nativity this year, which is a big part of that one. I actually got a really good clearance deal on the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar last year and bought a Lego Friendz one for Carly this year. I alternated days putting one mini set of Legos in each box so every other day they’ll each get to put together a little trinket, and that way I’ll have enough of them to do two years of Legos without having to buy more.

Last year I was going to wrap a Christmas book for each day too, but I got too busy and ended up just putting ours in a suitcase in the living room, which worked out well for us. Our Christmas LibraryWe’ll be doing that again this year too.

I have a Santa candy cane calendar that I got from the boy child’s school fundraiser this year, so each day they’ll get one of those (they don’t usually finish a candy cane if I let them eat it, so we’ll just decorate the tree with ours). I also found a cute paper chain that our elf, Christopher, will be bringing. It has the more spiritual spin to it, with scriptures for each day.

I still wanted to do one that was more activity based, but I know it’s hard to plan what day we’ll be able to do which activities, so I wanted it to be more flexible. That’s when I remembered those cotton ball Santa beards from my childhood. I thought, what if it had activities instead of numbers? Then it works more like a winter bucket list (I also have a thing for all the cute variations of seasonal bucket lists out there too!)

So I found this traditional Santa Beard here, erased the numbers, colored it in, and added some text. Feel free to download whichever version you like!

Activity Colored

Activity Colored Page

Blank Coloring Page
Blank Coloring Page
Activity Coloring Page

Activity Coloring Page

Blank Colored

Blank Colored Page





One Response to “Santa Beard Advent Calendar”

  1. momentumofjoy November 27, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    This is adorable!

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