My History –

I was born in Texas on 8/14/82, so that makes me about 26 now. I lived in the same school district throughout all 12 grades of public school, but moved twice within it. I started officially dating Jason my first semester of college (9/19/00) after having known him since 7th grade band (both played trumpet) and being part of a small group of band-nerd friends together since 10th grade.

We dated for exactly 3 years and 3 months before we tied the knot on 12/19/03. About a year later, I had baby fever bad, so we decided to get a puppy instead. We brought Penny home to our apartment on 1/22/05. When Jason graduated college in May 2005, he got offered a job with Raytheon in McKinney (only to later find our it was really in Plano) making almost 3 times what I was making as a custom furniture designer, so I quit and we moved. We bought our first house that very same month, with a big back yard for Penny.

I got to kick back and enjoy the housewife lifestyle for about 8 months before I just went crazy with no friends in the area to talk to and being stuck at home all day by myself. I got a part time job with the Boys and Girls Club down the street to help us pay off debt faster, and to get myself out of the house a little bit. Not long after that, Jason and I started talking about starting a family. We decided to join a group of our friends on a trip to Europe in June of 2006 as a “last hoorah” before we tried to get pregnant.

Upon our return, it only took a couple of months of “trying” before we were sharing the news that we were going to have a baby in May of 2007! We actually got to find out the sex of the baby ON our 3rd anniversary, which was really neat. A few months later, on 5/15/07 (3 days over due and 48 hours of labor later) we were welcoming Jonah Edward Pace into the world via un-planned c-section!

Nothing has been the same since then. It’s been amazing watching him grown and learn, and after continuing work at the Boys and Girls Club, with Jonah by my side, for another 10 months, I am so thankful that I am able to now stay home with him full time.

We’ve recently fixed up and sold our first house in McKinney in favor of a bigger (older) house closer to Jason’s office in Plano. I’m loving the new set up! It makes being a stay at home mom so much easier now with all the room we have to run and play in his new play room!

Other big changes in our lives are on the horizon! We are now expecting a new little girl to join our family in the spring of 2009. She should be here no later than May 1st! We’ll be having a scheduled c-section set for then, if she doesn’t decide to try to come on her own earlier than that, due to the circumstances that caused me to have the c-section with Jonah my first time around. We’re excited about our little addition and don’t plan to have any more kids after this one because Jason and I both have said from the begining that we wanted two kids. Whether or not they were one of each or both the same sex didn’t matter, but now that we’ll have one of each, there won’t be any regret for not having more. 😉

My Hobbies –

Aside from wasting time on the internet, blogging, facebooking, and talking to my fellow mommy friends on the Pea Board forum, I have several different interests that peak my interest from time to time. Mostly arts and crafts type stuff. Maybe I’ll come back and list them later, but for now, just have a look at my Scrapbooks!


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