15 Month Update

Eye rub – sleepy
Hand on ear – night night
Wave – bye-bye
Hand pats mouth – hungry/thirsty
Waves both hands – all done
Taps fists together – more
Opening & closing fist – milk
Wiggling finger in mouth – brush teeth
Rubs hair – brush hair/bow/hat
Both hands pat chest – bath/clothes
Pats diaper – diaper
Can do on cue:
Kisses/sugars (interchangeable) – Blows kisses or will kiss your cheek
Show you her toes
Show you her eyes
Show you her hair
Put it back
Put it in the box/trash
Go get your __ (baby, ball, cup, shoe, diaper)
Lay down
Sit down
Stand up
Come out
Play peekaboo
Open/close it (doors, cabinets, boxes)
Throw it
Bring it here

Bebe – Baby (all kids and animals, stuffed and real!)
Mama – mommy & hungry
Daddy – Daddy
Tch – Shoe & brush
Ba – ball, block, dog
Fff – “woof” like a dog
Baba – bye bye (sometimes)

Her baby doll and most any stuffed animal
Climbing on things (like the ladder up to the slide)
Carrying things around (like socks, towels, paper, babies, etc.)


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